Perks Rewards Points

What if more funds can be available to improve your community? With Perks Rewards Points, they can! Perks funds projects that enhance safety, accessibility, education, sustainability, and more based on residents’ priorities.

How it works is simple – community members sign up for free and earn Perks points for working on projects. Points can then be allocated to community projects you care about most. The more participation the community has, the more funding it receives from Perks to make it happen!

Small, local businesses benefit from the Perks network, too. By offering Perks incentives, businesses show their dedication to giving back and building up the neighborhoods they serve. It’s a powerful way to strengthen communities together.

The best part? Participating costs nothing – Perks handles all administration, and the projects funded make a significant impact. We’re talking workshop programs, local events, safety improvements, and other initiatives chosen by the community.

So make a pledge up to support this worthy cause.

Let’s work collectively to invest in our community’s future. Sign up below to join the community! We won’t share your email and will only send occasional updates as we continue to build the Perks community and the infrastructure to make it work.